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Peter Jenko

I am a young and enthusiastic individual interested in advertising, media, communication and design. I have answers that I believe can change communication challenges into opportunities that new media are offering. Currentlly I am writing my masters thesis on New media and the potentials of interactivity off- and online. Before finishing my MA I have decided to take one last breath of experiences in public relations - this time abroad, in Brussels.

Peter Jenko's Background

Peter Jenko's Experience

Stagier at European Parliament

2012 | Brussels, Belgium

Public Relations at Retrospective Zoology

2011 - Present | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Secretary general at Phonotouch - Slovenian Association for the Development of Electronic Music Arts

2005 - Present

Music producer at Timequake

2005 - Present | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Graphic designer & Web producer at Freelance

2003 - Present | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Public Relations & Marketing Manager at Glej Theatre

2011 - 2012 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Public Relations & Marketing Manager at Iolite Slovenija

2009 - October 2011 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Multimedia producer at

2011 - 2011 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Director's assistant for programme and web solutions at ŠOUVIZIJA - Web TV of Students' Organization of the University of Ljubljana

2009 - December 2010 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Journalist at Radio Študent

November 2008 - 2010 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Journalist at Radio Slovenija

2009 - 2009 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Public Relations Assistant at ŠOU v Ljubljani

2009 - 2009 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Peter Jenko's Education

FDV - Fakulteta za družbene vede (Faculty of Social Sciences)


Concentration: Communication and Media Studies

Peter Jenko's Interests & Activities

Graphic design, art, photography, marketing, advertising, society, media, media analysis, media monitoring, etc.

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